The part 2 exam was replaced by the APPLIED exam in 2017 with two components:

    Standardized Oral Examination (SOE) (Sample Questions)

    Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) (Content Outline, Examples)

The APPLIED exam is normally offered 9 weeks a year at the ABA assessment center in Raleigh, NC. The ABA has released a statement on the plan for the 2021 APPLIED Exams.

Successful Candidate Behavior and Improper Candidate Behavior videos from the ABA.

Excellent discussions from Anesthesia and Crtiical Care Reviews and Commentary (ACCRAC) :

Oral board review books

John Doyle's Hints for Mastering the Orals (2005)

Excellent overview and PowerPoint by Jessica Lovich-Sapola

Outlining-Attacking the Stem Question: The Knockout Blow (1999) by Niels Jensen

Advice from The Anesthesia Consultant, Richard Novak

Discussion threads at Student Doctor Network:

Oral board commercial prep courses:

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